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Application Guide & Form
(for the 2022 Academic Year)

Last Updated:
(February 1, 2022)

The Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering offers a special graduate course in Earth Science and Geoenvironmental Science for both international students and Japanese students. The course is available at the Master's level (M.Sc., M.Eng. and M.Sc. Eng.) and for doctoral study (D.Sc, D. Eng., Ph.D) The Master's course is of two years duration, and comprises course work, seminars and a research thesis. The doctoral course runs for three years, and consists of course work, seminars and a research thesis, plus a requirement for completion of two reviewed publications. At both levels courses are taught in English.

This course follows an earlier program from which over 100 international students successfully graduated from Shimane University. The original program was reorganized and extended in 2007 to form our current course of study.

General aims of the program

Our graduate program accepts students of excellence from all over the world, especially from Asia and the Pacific rim regions. Japanese students can also be accepted into the program.

Research and education in the program is based on geology and earth science, to solve worldwide problems and to enhance sustainable development of the human world. The aims of the graduate program are to:

Our graduate program is aimed at producing international-level researchers and technical specialists in the earth sciences, geoenvironmental science, and related fields.


Course work is now available in three categories:

The above categories are outlined in more detail on
the Course Contents page.

The course is currently supported by 25 academic staff who supervise the research of each student and their graduate thesis. Students also have access to a variety of analytical equipment, including TIMS, EPMA, XRF, XRD, AAS and SEM, among others.

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